Investment philosophy
East Invest employs a top-down approach in analysing various equities, consisting of primarily qualitative analysis that centers around the viability and longterm prospects of the business model. Coherent, understandable and offering unique competitive advantages in industries are criteria for stock-selection.

Industries should display exponential growth which the companies operate within during the last 5 years, showing increasing demand for the particular product companies offer, manifested in higher EBITDA, sales and preferably EPS. 

East Invest has one strategy, equity long-only, since its inception in 2015. 

America value fund
https://simplywall.st/user/portfolio/485816/America value fund?secretCode=23536860c83e2a0ba347b14ffdbfbc79d11256ab

Europe value fund
https://simplywall.st/user/portfolio/502381/Europe value fund?secretCode=e2bacaf8e77bb3b71aac90c1b7cb73e699aeb2d7

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